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Less is More

Quick tip: make simple and minimalistic images. The less complex will be your photograph, the more it will tell. For the image below you may devise great number of associations: otherness, hope, exclusiveness, etc. One can understand your idea for a second. And you need just illuminated tree and shadow forest to express this idea inside the frame. This is the way your photograph become expressive.

Carpathian Mountains, Ukraine

Ukraine, Carpathian Mountains


Otlu-Kaya Mountain in Crimea

view at otlu-kaya mountain in koktebel area of crimea. (Yevgen Timashov | timashov.com)

October 2009, Otlu-Kaya Mountain, Koktebel Area, Crimea, Ukraine.


Sunset In Dzembronya Area Of Ukraine

sunset in dzembronya area of ukraine (Yevgen Timashov)

July 2010, Dzembronya village, Carpathian mountains, Ukraine.


Black Sea Coast Near Kurortnoye On Crimea

black sea coast near kurortnoye on crimea (Yevgen Timashov | timashov.com)

February 2010, Kurortnoye Village, Black Sea, Crimea, Ukraine.


Misty Forest

Tomorrow I’ll fly to Kamchatka. We’ll spend there one month together with my workmate Andrew. Hope it’ll be interesting trip and of course I’ll plan to make some great landscape images. Volcanoes and bears are waiting for me. Before my departure I want to show you one of may favourite images from Crimea.

landscape in southern demergi mountain area of crimea

January 2010, Demergi Mountain, Crimea, Ukraine.

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