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Polygonal Lake in Khibiny Mountains

At first glance Polygonal lakes in Khibiny mountains are very prosaic: small, shallow, with swampy shore. At daytime their surface is usually crisped from the wind. But in calm morning or serene evening when nature is settled down the magic instantly happens. Beautiful reflections on water smooth cast a spell over. And only small prominent from water stones, covered by moss and lichen, remind you where is real sky and where is land.

Khibiny Mountains, Russia, Kola Peninsula, lake, water, North, Polar

Russia, Kola Peninsula, Khibiny Mountains, Polygonal Lakes


Lake in Khibiny Mountains, Russia

lake in kuniok river valley on russian kola peninsula

August 2009, Khibiny mountains, Cola Peninsula, Russia. This is small unnamed lake in Kuniok river valley. We were hiking in these mountains together with my friend Vladimir. We’ve got backpacks and all comers call them ‘little’. We’ve got tent and sleeping bags. I have very warm memories about this week in northern mountains. It didn’t look like as my usual photo trips. We’ve just went forward and made photographs. Without accurate plan. We’ve passed this lake in the morning. I’ve found good shooting point very quickly, unfold tripod and start waiting when the sun appears from behind the clouds. Sometimes I’ve made ‘test’ shots. My waiting was very long. It’s funny but looking through working material at home I’ve selected one of these ‘test’ shots.

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