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Misty Forest

Tomorrow I’ll fly to Kamchatka. We’ll spend there one month together with my workmate Andrew. Hope it’ll be interesting trip and of course I’ll plan to make some great landscape images. Volcanoes and bears are waiting for me. Before my departure I want to show you one of may favourite images from Crimea.

landscape in southern demergi mountain area of crimea

January 2010, Demergi Mountain, Crimea, Ukraine.



Dog stands above clouds in the Southern Demergi mountains, Crimea, Ukraine

January 2009, Demergi Mountain, Crimea, Ukraine. This is a stray dog. I was waiting for best light before sunset and suddenly saw two puppies. They noticed me and rushed towards. Dogs started running together near the brink of a precipice and sometimes stopped on the edge. I changed lens on my camera very fast and made only one image. But it was fantastic image. I knew that even before I’ve seen it on display.

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