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Otlu-Kaya Mountain in Crimea

view at otlu-kaya mountain in koktebel area of crimea. (Yevgen Timashov | timashov.com)

October 2009, Otlu-Kaya Mountain, Koktebel Area, Crimea, Ukraine.


Black Sea Coast Near Kurortnoye On Crimea

black sea coast near kurortnoye on crimea (Yevgen Timashov | timashov.com)

February 2010, Kurortnoye Village, Black Sea, Crimea, Ukraine.


Misty Forest

Tomorrow I’ll fly to Kamchatka. We’ll spend there one month together with my workmate Andrew. Hope it’ll be interesting trip and of course I’ll plan to make some great landscape images. Volcanoes and bears are waiting for me. Before my departure I want to show you one of may favourite images from Crimea.

landscape in southern demergi mountain area of crimea

January 2010, Demergi Mountain, Crimea, Ukraine.


Lonely Tree at Blue Bay on Crimea

Ukraine, Crimea, Black sea, Novyi Svet village, Blue Bay. (Yevgen Timashov | timashov.com)

December 2009, Novyi Svet village, Crimea, Ukraine. This is Blue Bay in Novyi Svet village. After morning shooting I decided to go to it’s another side and look for sunset spot. I noticed this tree from far away and instantly thought: “That’s the goods!”. I love unusual trees. They are hard pressed in the mountains. And their appearance sometimes more expressive than any other words.


Cloud and ship

Ship on Black sea chased by rain clouds seen from Ai-Petri mountain on Crimea. (Yevgen Timashov | timashov.com)

December 2009, Ai-Petri Mountain, Crimea, Ukraine. This is classic example of absolutely spontaneous and unexpected shot. Firstly my attention was attracted by amusing cloud. I made a shot. And I’ve got an image with amusing cloud. After that a small ship came to the frame. I made a shot again. And I’ve got an image with story. I love unexpected photographs. By the way, this image take third place in “Landscape” nomination of Russian photo contest “Best Photographer 2010″. And the same image was selected among other works from National Geographic photo contest by “The Big Picture” website. I think this is my most well-known and recognizable photograph. For the present I hope.

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