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mount kurkisvumchorr area on russian kola peninsula

August 2009, Khibiny mountains, Cola Peninsula, Russia. I went from Akademicheskoye Lake up to plateau and then moved to the Kukisvumchorr Mountain and Unnamed Pass. Clouds flew very fast and low from the early morning. After lifting to to the top I saw a valley full of white clouds. They literally boiled in this cirque. Clouds freely floated inside via only one possible entry, whereas insurmountable cliff waited them ahead. The Kirovsk mine was been seen on the horizon. And when amazing cloud transformations began in its area I got my camera with telephoto lens and started to shoot. I name this photograph “Octopus”. Giant squid stretched his tentacles from white deep and tried to reach tiny plant’s buildings and stacks. In my childhood I was impressed by pictures from a nature book which illustrated myths about huge octopuses attacking and enmeshing by their tentacles whole ships. I always feel a subtle spirit of these pictures looking at this photograph.


Lake in Khibiny Mountains, Russia

lake in kuniok river valley on russian kola peninsula

August 2009, Khibiny mountains, Cola Peninsula, Russia. This is small unnamed lake in Kuniok river valley. We were hiking in these mountains together with my friend Vladimir. We’ve got backpacks and all comers call them ‘little’. We’ve got tent and sleeping bags. I have very warm memories about this week in northern mountains. It didn’t look like as my usual photo trips. We’ve just went forward and made photographs. Without accurate plan. We’ve passed this lake in the morning. I’ve found good shooting point very quickly, unfold tripod and start waiting when the sun appears from behind the clouds. Sometimes I’ve made ‘test’ shots. My waiting was very long. It’s funny but looking through working material at home I’ve selected one of these ‘test’ shots.

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