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One of my Nepal images has been selected to Moodboard Agency gallery on Corbis. Such selections usually represent current trends in stock photography. And this fact is very good sign for me.


School building in Himalayas, Nepal. (Yevgen Timashov)

October 2010, Namche Bazar Area, Sagarmatha National Park, Himalayas, Nepal.



mount kurkisvumchorr area on russian kola peninsula

August 2009, Khibiny mountains, Cola Peninsula, Russia. I went from Akademicheskoye Lake up to plateau and then moved to the Kukisvumchorr Mountain and Unnamed Pass. Clouds flew very fast and low from the early morning. After lifting to to the top I saw a valley full of white clouds. They literally boiled in this cirque. Clouds freely floated inside via only one possible entry, whereas insurmountable cliff waited them ahead. The Kirovsk mine was been seen on the horizon. And when amazing cloud transformations began in its area I got my camera with telephoto lens and started to shoot. I name this photograph “Octopus”. Giant squid stretched his tentacles from white deep and tried to reach tiny plant’s buildings and stacks. In my childhood I was impressed by pictures from a nature book which illustrated myths about huge octopuses attacking and enmeshing by their tentacles whole ships. I always feel a subtle spirit of these pictures looking at this photograph.


Cloud and ship

Ship on Black sea chased by rain clouds seen from Ai-Petri mountain on Crimea. (Yevgen Timashov | timashov.com)

December 2009, Ai-Petri Mountain, Crimea, Ukraine. This is classic example of absolutely spontaneous and unexpected shot. Firstly my attention was attracted by amusing cloud. I made a shot. And I’ve got an image with amusing cloud. After that a small ship came to the frame. I made a shot again. And I’ve got an image with story. I love unexpected photographs. By the way, this image take third place in “Landscape” nomination of Russian photo contest “Best Photographer 2010″. And the same image was selected among other works from National Geographic photo contest by “The Big Picture” website. I think this is my most well-known and recognizable photograph. For the present I hope.


Ai-Petri Rocks in Fog

rocks of ai-petri mountain on crimea covered in fog. (Yevgen Timashov | timashov.com)

December 2009, Ai-Petri Mountain, Crimea, Ukraine. Before this trip I had strong doubt about it. The weather forecast was disgusting, my partner Aleksandr fell ill just before the trip and I was forced to go alone. I had some troubles with buying railway tickets, road to the station was covered in ice and I saw a car which was nearly crash. I thought all these things were bad signs. But now I understand it was test of my patience. I lived five amazing days in small tourist lodge. And nature gave me numerous gifts. It changed attires and showed me her beauty. I’ve never dreamed to make photograph like this. But when I’ve done it I realized that the best dreams are dreams you don’t know yet.



Dog stands above clouds in the Southern Demergi mountains, Crimea, Ukraine

January 2009, Demergi Mountain, Crimea, Ukraine. This is a stray dog. I was waiting for best light before sunset and suddenly saw two puppies. They noticed me and rushed towards. Dogs started running together near the brink of a precipice and sometimes stopped on the edge. I changed lens on my camera very fast and made only one image. But it was fantastic image. I knew that even before I’ve seen it on display.

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