Foggy Landscape in Ukraine at Twilight

Dzembronya foggy landscape in Ukraine at twilight

July 2010, Dzembronya village, Carpathian mountains, Ukraine. That morning began ordinary. Talks with yourself to nasty beeps of alarm, dormant on porch dog Dick, tea, one hour way to shooting spot and fog. All as usual. It was the same every day. But differences occurred half an hour before sunrise. Fog was taken away unusually early. Rural houses and neighboring hills was started to show up through the milky shroud. The sun raised and all around blazed by bright-orange and then soft-pink colors. On the left of me so far invisible hill started to come to light. As if it come to the surface from foggy deep. I stayed on the height but a little island from trees stood my vision. I immediately snatched my tripod, at full speed ran down near the trees and flew on the height again. “Not be late!” I hardly could recover my breath after such spurt. The heart beat in the chest extended to frequent beats in the temples. After ten minutes pink color immediately turned into grey and after five minutes more the hill hid in the foggy sea again. “Good morning”. I started from suddenness. Herdsman, which I already met some days ago, came to me. “Did you see my horses?”, – herdsman asked. “No”, – I answered. Herdsman gave a deep sigh and silently went further along the ridge in search of his horses. Whereas I moved to opposite side in search of new shots. I think that morning we were lucky and we found what we looked for.