Foggy Morning in Ukrainian Mountains

fog laying over dzembronya landscape in ukraine. (Yevgen Timashov |

July 2010, Dzembronya village, Carpathian mountains, Ukraine. When I was child I often drew the sun. You know, with eyes, smile and beams every which way. Then I dropped this thing and forgot how to do this. After a many years, when I started making landscape photographs, I begin to do this again. Looking at the sun, beams and make photographs about all of these. But nowadays I also need skills. Nature doesn’t like throw away its gems. It is very busy customer. You will be brought to the right place in the strictly specified time. It will be done very delicately. You will sincerely believe that you are here of you own free will. Then you will be shown something that carry you away. But you can’t simply stay and open wide your mouth. If you are selected, you have to manage in 5-10 minutes and make why you are here – photographs. And when all will disappear, you will be let to go freely. But only if you don’t have other orders for today.